Friday, February 06, 2009

Things I love right now:

An afternoon of quiet while my babies sleep and big boys are at school.

A mug of hot chocolate, a good book, and a hot bath before going to bed.

The FIT class at the Y on Monday and Friday mornings. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it feels good to know I'm challenging myself and pushing to be healthier than ever before.

Reading to my boys who are still young enough to climb onto my lap.

Watching Greg and Daniel play basketball at the Y.

Hearing Aaron laugh at "The Office" even though he claims it's the stupidest show on the face of the earth.

When Simon Cowell says, "THAT was Indulgent Nonsense." I really must implement that into my vocabulary.

The way Greg answers the phone, "Hello, this is Greg!" in his bright, happy voice.

Listening to the boys wrestle with their Dad downstairs.

The anticipation of singing on worship team again after a brief hiatus.

FACEBOOK. Just found my youth pastors from when I was in Junior High. That was delightful.

The song "Faithful God" by Shannon Wexelberg.


lori lynch said...

I must say that I have to agree with your hubby about the office! Your brother and I are getting ready to sing "Press On" for church...I'm lovin it right now!!!

Anonymous said...

Your Grandma just told me how much she enjoys your blog. It makes it so worth getting her a computer.
I am so glad you get those quiet moments that are so rare in your house!!
Love you!

angie said...

Jeannie....I love you! Reading this blog made me smile!!