Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is...downright EVIL

This past weekend was a little brutal in the weather department. We had a few inches fall on Saturday, which made driving up our driveway a little challenging. Here's Aaron clearing a path, God love him.

He rang the doorbell at one point, and I opened the door to this:

Can you see the ice and snow in his eyebrows and eyelashes? (Hmm, isn't there a song like that...) He said to me in his low voice, muffled by the mask, "Take a picture for your blog." Then in the wee hours of Sunday morning, we woke up to a VERY cold house - furnace stopped working. Aaron was able to talk to someone who explained how to "hot wire" it until we could get the part we needed. So we were warm by mid-morning Sunday.

As if that weren't enough drama, we took Daniel in to see a doctor Saturday morning. He had developed a rash on Friday (no fever, no itching) and when he woke up Saturday, his eyes and lips were completely swollen up.

This is actually how it looked as he got better -- his feet were like little footballs and his hands were all puffy -- just heartbreaking. The doctor gave us Claritin for the day, Benadryl for night, and ordered a few blood tests, checked for strep (negative).

It's just bizarre how his body reacts; it feels like we go through this rash thing more than normal. Is this how he will react to viruses for the rest of his life??

Just another day in the life!


lori lynch said...

It's always something isn't it?? We came home last night from Doug's birthday party to frozen pipes!!! Fun times! Hope Daniel is well soon. Have a Great Christmas!

Carrie said...

Hope Daniel is feeling better!
Funny, Jess looked alot like Aaron when he came in from snowblowing yesterday...only he literally looked like a human snowman! Merry Christmas!

Rachel said...

You forgot to mention getting stuck in Chris and Syna's driveway...

Poor Daniel, at least he doesn't look like it bothers him too much...keep us updated.