Sunday, December 28, 2008


Every year I'm amazed by how hours of preparation lead up to one grand - POOF - and it's gone.

And then I reflect on what was REALLY worth my time and what wasn't. Let go of the Christmas Eve Birthday party for Jesus. The kids didn't miss it and I don't think Jesus minded.
Let go of trying to get the perfect picture of the tree and kids opening presents. Just enjoyed the moment. Took pictures of this face instead:
I did have to capture this, though - all their stockings lined up with their pictures on top.

Other random thoughts:

"Seven Pounds" with Will Smith is a fascinating movie. I recommend it.

The best thing about winter is a really good excuse to stay inside and become buried in books.

Keep the expectations low when it comes to Christmas and how the kids react to their gifts. Their reaction or lack there of does not define your parenting skills.

Running on a treadmill for at least a few minutes can cure just about anything. (Especially when a few minutes is all you can do anyway...)


Anonymous said...

That picture of Hope saying.."my Momma, got a problem with that" just made my day! That is just priceless.
Can't wait to see those faces...I hope they are ready for their "crazy" grandma to visit!

Rachel said...

After opening his presents, Malachi promptly asked, "Can I go play Mario now?" (Mario is a game we already owned...)

Why bother?