Monday, October 20, 2008

Anything for a Laugh

Lately, Jonathan's favorite phrase is,

"Dis gonna be FUNNY" which is then followed with whatever he thinks will get him a good chuckle or two. Making his brothers laugh is a very high priority.

A few more of his best moments:

In the van today: "Dad is big like God, and God is big like Dad....Daddy is strong like God is strong..."

When baby sister is just crying too loud for too long, "It NEVER stops, it NEVER stops!!!!" (while pounding his little fists on the counter)

This one's my favorite. Last weekend we were in Wisconsin at Aaron's parents. His Dad has a garage filled with deer heads and guns lined up on the wall. Jonny said, "DAD! DAD! Look at aaaalllll dese guns (making sweeping motion with his arm): aren't dey bootiful?"

Yes, Aaron said. Yes, they are.

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Rachel said...

LOVE the Yearbook Yourself!

When you posted it to your blog, were you thinking, "'Dis gonna be FUNNY!"?