Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hand Me the Keys!

KK is 15 -- LOOK OUT, world. Baby's gettin' behind the wheel. These pics were taken last night at the family shin-dig.
K with her permit - very excited
Isn't it just WRONG to be this cute at 15!?

This baby ain't drivin' till she can vote. I WISH! Finally, a picture where you can tell she has blue eyes - couldn't ya just kiss her?
Sweet Suze and Jonny (Mama should've wiped the milk from his chin first...)
Proud Mama and Papa

We got K exactly what she wanted - a Corvette.


Anonymous said...

is this the "child" who was my "buddy" at your wedding? Oh my...oh my. We are OLD.

Jeannie said...


Beth Wilmot said...

I love this picture of Hope! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I am watching the entire Reid family growing up before my eyes. Wow, Kayla is really growing up. We are sending Conner off to Ball State University on Wednesday for his Junior and Senior years of high school at the Indiana Academy. Thank you for allowing all of us the opportunity to watch your family grow up.

Stephen Lipp

mordy said...

so how are you and your kin handling #4's situation?

mordy said...

so how are you and your kin handling #4's situation?

kaela reid said...

oh my goodness jeannie! i can't believe that you actually put these on your blog!! i really don't like the pics of me.. :( haha but where are the ones of me and you?!?! may i ask?