Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summertime, and the living is...not always that easy with 4 children

Thank you, Lord, for my niece! She and her little brother came over on bikes today (a 40 minute ride!) and then played outside with my 3 little guys - water plus a slide is so entertaining!

And here's the house. I say it's creamy tan, Aaron says yellow. Feel free to vote on that one. Can you see G-man pouting on the front step? Nothing new there. It's hard trying to control the world...

This playset in the backyard was a big selling point for us!

And one of my favorite things about where we live...this sign.


Kel Jo said...

CUTE! That playset looks like fun! Umm... I'm thinking off white??? The pic. didn't look like it was yellow but I'll make a final decision when I see it in person! :)

Beth Wilmot said...

Love your yard! Looks like they're having a great time!

Ashley M said...

Yes. New house, I heart it! Also, I would like to see you soon. And I would like to see your new house. Oh, and I would like to see your new baby. Whew. Why don't we live closer?

someday, I'll make a Jeannie bobblehead for my desk.

Erin Haley said...

that is a ridiculously sweet swing set. Makes me wish i was a kid again.