Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scooter's Party

Why do we call her Scooter? Because instead of crawling, she scoots on her bum all over the place. It's very entertaining.

Little MaryLou had a Pirate Party which was a big hit with my boys. We all met at a park, because, frankly, we don't fit anywhere else.

Aunt Patty with Hope and Beth's Mom from KentuckyGreg really pulls off the pirate look with two missing front teeth! Cousin Brett to the right


Anonymous said...

Fun! Thanks for posting those, Jeannie!


Anonymous said...

Fun! Thanks for posting these, Jeannie!


the hungarian said...

What a novel idea, to have a party "outside in June"... please explain to me how that happens? Oh how envious I am! Always glad to see pics of your amazing family!-sweltering in the south

Anonymous said...

Okay, enough. Two park parties and these reids don't happen to be in any of your pictures! How do we rate?! (guess who?)

Jeannie said...

your son and daughter don't count?!? well get ready girl, now the camera will be in your face! :)