Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are You Talkin' To Me?!

The things I've heard lately...

Well, when you live your life around children, it gets interesting. But sometimes you are around their "language" so much that you forget to laugh and just enjoy it.

So, there's some attempts around here to potty-train the almost-3 year-old. (July 1st is his big day) He's got number 2 down pat, it's number 1 that gives the boy trouble. And his parents thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to potty-train him before a huge road trip??"

Yes, we have lost our minds. If found, there's a huge reward.

But getting back to the language thing, (see, I can't even stay on subject...) Jonny's sitting there on the throne today and I come in to see how he's doing. He eloquently tells me, "I can't get dat big poop outta dere!" Then he looks down at his progress and says,


I mean, you just can't make this stuff up.

Then there's the church nursery, another place to hear lots of fun interactions. Daniel was with us this past Sunday in the 2's and 3's until time for Children's Church. One dear child decided to inform him, "You haf a big face!" Thankfully, I don't think Daniel understood him. But I still wanted to give that kid a piece of my mind.

And lastly, there's our buddy, Ryan. He constantly amazes me with his grown-up language and master of vocabulary. (Ah, those first-born verbal virtuousos) He has been diligently planning an overnight at his house with my first two sons. And he decided to create a list with everything on it that Greg and Daniel would need to bring. Apparently, he perused the house for magazines and books with the words he needed, in order to spell them correctly. (He's only 5!!)

Professional List-Maker, Ryan, and Daniel

(Did they discuss how to smile before I took this shot?)

Anyway, he gave this list to his Dad to give to Aaron at work, and Aaron likes it so much he has it on his wall by his desk. It has things like, "3 DVDs, 1 Tent, Snacks, etc..." But what I love is that everytime I see Ryan now, he asks me with all the seriousness he can muster, "Miss Jeannie, do you have THE LIST?" And I answer very business-like, "Yes, I have THE LIST." It feels like an FBI operation. And I love it.


Jeannie said...

After I wrote this post, I went on a short bike ride with G & D. As we're going up a hill, G yells,


I'm sure the neighbors loved that one.

Janine said...

Kids are great! And boys don't change a whole lot as they get older. I am AMAZED at what comes out of my boys' mouths. I hope that the sleepover is a great success.