Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Suddenly, I've become highly irritated with well-meaning strangers in public. Don't ask me how old she is, don't talk to her, don't talk to me - ENOUGH!!

I'm a mean, horrible person and I want to be left alone.

I would also like to wear a sign that says, "My baby is not hungry or tired, she is crying because she is a baby. AIN'T NO BABY EVER DIED FROM CRYIN'!!"

Alright, that felt good.

Baby girl took her first trip to Wisconsin this past weekend. Aaron's grandmother got to see her for the first time, along with lots of lovin' from other family members in the area.

Grandma's shirt says "TGIF - This Grandma is terrific!"

Me too, sweetie.


Ashley M said...

Let it out sister... Also, I won't judge you when your baby is crying.

Got your email... WOW! God is incredible!

love you

Holly said...

She's getting big already and so cute!! I remember w/the boys, if they were sleeping, I'd leave them covered in their carseat. People still felt they had the right to stop and lift the blanket up for a peek. Or, the one that will always stick w/me is when I went grocery shopping w/Asher, he was crying maybe bc he was hungry, maybe bc he was just colicky. One of the ladies stopped me and told me that why you should always bring a bottle w/you. I was like, I breastfeed, thanks.

Susan said...

I so relate to your post. Yesterday at Sam's Club one of the customer service people was so incredibly rude and at the same time Matthew was having a melt down. I literally wanted to jump over the counter and strangle the guy. When people look at me with an annoyed look when the kids are crying or acting crazy I want to scream.."Deal with it dude! I do 24-7!" Ok, now I feel like I have posted my own mini post on your blog! Hope is adorable!
Sue Simpson

mordy said...

as my good friend stevie once said, 'roll with it, baby.'


The Kuehl's said...

As a fellow mom, I feel your pain! I think it's hillarious when one of my kids has a melt down or as a baby they cry in the store for no apparent reason other than crying because as you posted: she's a baby and then people look at you like: are you going to do something about that? I am their mother and I will take care of them as I see fit! Thanks for venting (and for all of us mothers to vent along with you)!

All that hair!
She is absolutely adorable and growing so fast!!!