Friday, January 04, 2008

May of '93

The month that changed my life forever.

It was when I became addicted to a boy named Aaron.

On New Year's Eve, we celebrated 13 years of marriage. (I know, what were we thinking getting married during the holidays?? But I love red, what can I say?)

On New Year's Day we were moving some things around in our closet (can you stand the excitement?!?!) when we came across a box filled with lots of nostalgia, including a letter from Aaron's basketball coach from college, Dave B.

Before the email craze, people wrote something called LETTERS. You would get them in your mailbox; crazy, I know.

Coach would email the team to update them on everybody and to report prayer requests. I enjoyed reading the letter dated May 21. 1993, which I had never seen before. One big paragraph read,

"Big news flash: Aaron R. is missing! He has not been seen in the gym or the weight room in the past week. Aaron had faithfully been in the gym and weight room until one fateful evening on May 7th. With the advice of one Eric K., Aaron escorted a young lady to Fort Wayne for an evening of fun and frolic. The young lady's name will not be released to save her reputation. Since that eventful eve, Aaron has been seen walking around in a daze on campus and even leaving his two closest comrades out in the cold, Mikey and Pistol. Now don't get me wrong, we have been trying to get Aaron a date all year, but every night for two weeks with the finale of meeting her parents in Ohio, come on now, Aaron, tell me it's not true that you have a summer job in Ohio. Enough on Mad Dog, except I heard she has turned our Mad Dog into a Poodle."


lori lynch said...

Would that then make him....uh..."mad-poo"! ha! Don't you just LOVE to run across some little snippit of the past like that. I do. It just takes you back to those college moments of carefree, exciting, romantic moments that pulled you together. Love it, Love it!

Rachel said...

That is SO SWEET! And Aaron KEPT it! AWE!

Congrats on 13!

Anonymous said... cute!!
Congratulations on 13 years!

Anonymous said...

Now that is just too funny! Kinda gives ya a warm, fuzzy feeling all over again!?

(By the way, in 1993 I was 6 years old!!!!)

love ya, Kelli

P.S. I have to comment as anonymous because I can't remember the password I created for the Blogger/Google account I set up???

Anonymous said...

He has turned out to be the best son-in-law anyone could ever ask for!


Holly said... sweet!! Congrats on 13 yrs!!!!

Rachel said...

Awe, your mom's so sweet!

Josh Collison said...

Back in '83, I could throw a pig-skin a quarter mile. If coach would have put me in, we would have been state champs.