Friday, December 07, 2007


Yup, that's what you get for living in Minnesota. Frozen lakes, frozen windshield wiper fluid, and the convenient freezing of your automatic windows when you are in a drive-thru.

But then you've got the Christmas lights and holiday fluff everywhere to keep you happy. Tonight our church choir sang our program in the mall, right next to dear old Santa. I try to stay away from the mall as much as possible in December, and tonight I remembered why. It's so much sensory overload, you need a nap by the 3rd store.

This is my favorite time of year to get the mail. Well, honestly, everyday I look forward to the mail. A new magazine? A surprise fat envelope from Mom? A small package??? The possibilities are endless. But in December, you might just get a couple sweet cards with pictures of friends on them you haven't seen in years. It's wonderful. I don't care if it is a pain in the butt, send the card! Send the picture, even if Junior's eyes are crossed!

I'm pretty dawg-gone happy with our card this year and just got the happy email that it's on it's way to my door. (I did 'em online again this year. Love that.)

Thanks for reading. I'm going to go eat refined sugar now.

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Rachel said...

Seth and I had this conversation the other day: Why DO we still live here? But we know we'd miss it if we didn't.

I ordered my Christmas Cards yesterday, by the way. Good goin' Momma.

See you this afternoon :D