Thursday, November 22, 2007

Withdrawal and Thanksgiving

I needed a fix. Bad.

My computer has been ill for the past week and I AM DYING. I don't think that's too much of an overstatement. But, thank you, mother-in-law for having internet access here in Wisconsin. I am a happy girl.

Aaron is out in the great woods, hunting, and I am listening to the chatter and play of many cousins doing their best to get along (interpretation - not listening to Greg boss them around...)

Last weekend, Aaron was here hunting, and shot the biggest buck of his life. When my computer is back in the land of the living, I'll post a pretty picture, but for now, it was 11 pts. and bad to the bone. I'm pretty dawggone proud of him. Yes, it will be mounted, and yes, it will live forever in our home.

Baby girl is doing good and making herself known quite often. My due date has been pushed a little ahead, to about Mar. I feel the clock ticking a little stronger.

Many happy thanksgiving wishes to everybody and thanks for your patience.


Tim Barosh said...

Nice shot Aaron...11pts. Beauty.

Hey maybe you and Mel can call each other during labor...she's due on the 17th. :)

Take care!

Rachel said...

IT'S ABOUT TIME!! (Totally kidding!)

Suggestion: why not borrow the pic of Aaron's buck from Syna's Facebook profile? It's a dandy, by the way.

Also, MARCH 20?! That's like, 11 days earlier than they told you before, right? That's awesome! I hope they're right.

See you soon,

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your back online. I was thinking that it was a little unusual for you to go so long between posts. I know that I don't usually leave comments but I am a faithful blog reader. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and congrats on the upcoming baby girl.

Kim Rud

mordy said...

check this out...

Carrie said...

Maybe she will share her birthday with Lauren?!!! Lauren's birthday is March 21! Congrats to Aaron and his buck...Jess' dad will be impressed...he got his usual, 8 point buck...he seems to get an 8 point every year!