Sunday, November 04, 2007

New Stuff

Not to point out the obvious, but I'm a little jazzed about the new widgets on my blog.

I'm so proud of myself for using the term widgets. Don't ask me to define it, I just know it's the right word.

First, my buddy Holly G. introduced me to, my latest addiction (see bookshelf, right). It's fun to see what other friends are reading and get some ideas. It's like browsing your friend's bookshelves.

Then, this one's a little gross, but I had to do it. Melanie B. in Texas has this on her blog and I stole it, sorry. It's a little countdown on when baby #4 will be coming. Can't believe I'm about halfway there...I forget sometimes. That's under the picture of Jonathan. Enjoy!

Looks like the ultrasound for baby is Nov. 12...and YES we will be trying to find out the gender. Will the screen glow pink or blue??? Aren't you just dying to know?? Well, we might tell you and we might not, so there. :)


Janine said...

LOL, Jeannie! Allie was sitting here with me when I brought up your blog. She saw your baby wigget-ma-jigger and she says "WHAT IS THAT!?!" I am so excited for you that you are half way there. It will go fast!

Ashley M said...

A good birthday present for know what the sex of your 4th baby will be...wonderful! (also, i didn't mean to rhyme...)

ps. is your new blog pic one of the pics from WI? just wondering!

Jeannie said...

yup, that's one of yours, silly girl. sorry, shoulda given you the credit! :) got tired of the sunset...

Rachel said...

Hello, friend. Did you enjoy the speaker last night? How about the lovely pudding-in-a-champagne-glass? Let's add a strawberry, perhaps.

I'm excited you're so far along! I can't wait to meet New Reid. Are we still planning on me watching Jonny on Monday? Would it work best for me to meet you at the school for the hand-off? Let me know.

Love you!

Holly said...

I can't believe you're that for along already! You better let us in on what you're having, the suspense would kill me :D