Sunday, November 25, 2007

Manly Pictures

Proud Papa with his boys

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mordy said...

hey, wow, that's some deer.
yeah. i know nothing about the thrill of hunting, unless ebay counts. but i'm glad he's pleased. and venison is good if somebody knows how to cook it. i grew up thinking it tasted like liver, but then i married a man who knows how to make it taste good.
i see you took away my post. maybe you thought it was a spam thingy. but it wasn't. it was me. take a look at it. you'll like it.
maybe you forgot who mordy was because i wasn't able to post for such a long time. mordy is me, connie. connie ann farmer, wife of kevin joseph farmer, mamma of annalise jordan farmer, the cutest baby ever who now walks and says "hi," "bye," and whose first word was "ball."