Sunday, September 09, 2007

Visiting Mathias

My friend, Rachel E. had her baby boy, Mathias Paul on Labor Day last week -- pretty funny, huh? It's true, even though I've had babies, you tend to forget the sheer teenyness of a newborn. It was a pleasure snuggling with him for a bit.

After I left this day, he ended up having a rough night. As a nurse walked by him sleeping in the nursery, she noticed his color turning blue and realized he had stopped breathing. He recovered after about 4 minutes, but obviously, something was wrong.

After a spinal tap, they discovered bleeding on his brain. I don't know all the details or the answers, but he's now doing much, much better, and actually went home today. He is on a special monitor that will alert Rachel and Seth when he stops breathing.

It was actually such a blessing for this to happen while he was still in the hospital where they could help him and discover this.

We pray little Mathias will breathe easy now!


Tami said...

I got to hold a new baby this weekend too! I am finally an aunt! Scott and Marya had their baby girl saturday night! Precious and perfect! Julia Sue they named her. Check my blog soon for pictures.

Holly said...

Look at all that hair!!! I'm glad that the problem happened at the hospital and not after they'd gone home, otherwise it could have had a different outcome. God definitely has His hands on this baby! I'll keep the family in my prayers!!