Thursday, September 27, 2007

Daniel Said

Okay, this wasn't taken today, but it fit great with what happened:

Daniel was helping me bake chocolate chip cookies and I said, "Daniel, when you're a big man and have little kids, you can teach them how to make cookies!!"

He replied, "But, where do I get the Mother?"


Rachel said...

HA! I'm lol. So did you say: "She sits right next to you in school."?

Only kidding.

Aunt Kelli said...

OH how funny!!! That actually made me laugh out loud. He's so cute and I miss my Daniel! I love it when kids say things like that and they're matter of fact about it. Give him our love okay! XOXO

Ashley M said...

Precious. What a sweet little man you've got. Can't wait to see their little faces (maybe, depending on who comes, i guess?)

see you in so few days now!
counting, counting, counting...

fetzer said...

I've been asking that same question for years.