Sunday, January 21, 2007

Life is Precious

Today at church there was an emphasis on the Sanctity of Life. Our pastor spoke primarily on the unborn, and how we as a country have neglected their cries.

I wonder, as Christians in general, have we lost our passion for the right to life? I think I have, to be honest. It's a hot topic, but one I haven't heard a lot about lately. Have we decided that this is just the way our country is? Is it worth fighting for?

Yes! I am challenged to do more to encourage our Pregnancy Care Center here. One heart, one young lady at a time, this battle can be won.

On another topic, Josh and Shelly have been on our hearts all weekend. If you visit, you can read updates on how he and the family are doing. It's been inspiring to see the outpouring love from West Michigan.

I'm reading a book called The North Face of God by Ken Gire, the subtitle says, "When God seems indifferent" and when I saw it in the bookstore Friday, I had to have it. It has been like speaking with a good friend who happens to be a Christian counselor when I've had big questions. I recommend it highly. What is happening to the Bucks is refining all of us, teaching us, lifting the layers of our souls to the deepest parts of our love for Christ and our understanding of Who He Is.

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Susan said...

Just came from a prayer service for Josh and am pondering all the lessons that the Bucks have taught us through their amazing faith!! God hears our prayers! I am going to get that book, thanks for the recommendation!

Sue Simpson