Tuesday, December 05, 2006

God is Smiling

I went to a children's Christmas program tonight at Gregory's school, and I couldn't help but imagine how God must thoroughly enjoy little children singing about the Holiest of Nights. He must get a huge kick out of fake shepherd's beards, a halo made out of tinsel, cardboard angel wings, etc.

Can't you picture Him gathering a few angels together and inviting them to watch children dressed as sheep and wisemen?

It's refreshing to watch the innocence and sincerity of children in a world full of artificial Christmas cheer. If you find yourself getting "Grinchy" just head out to a children's program -- it's good medicine


Holly said...

AWE!!! Kids are the best, and God must enjoy the works of His hands greatly!!!

anne said...

God is smiling at the "adult concerts" too! Great job up there this morning, Jeannie!! It was great to finally hear your beautiful singing voice I've heard so much about! Thanks for serving Him with your gifts!
Love ya!

mordy said...

i really like hats with ears on them.