Thursday, November 09, 2006

Flying Solo

This week has been a lesson in perseverance. Aaron got sick on Tuesday and stayed home, the day we were to drive to Wisconsin to be with Nick and Beth and other supporters as the election results came in.

Little did I know Daniel was on the verge of getting sick, too. A couple of hours into the trip, in Hardees, he gives me "The Look" and before we could get to the bathroom - explosion. And there was more before we actually reached our destination. Details witheld for the queasy...

We arrived at the hotel for the party, but we were not in party moods. I took the boys up to a room and decided we would hunker down for the night and just get through it. Daniel continued on his journey of stomach flu, and the other boys stayed healthy, thank the Lord.

Jonathan decided to stay up most of the night and turn into Curious George, getting into everything in his path. I think it's harder when you are alone and there's no one there to keep things in perspective for you, someone to just look at and say, "Is this nuts or what???"

Nick lost his race for U.S. Congress, but fought a great fight. It's hard to take down a Democrat who has been in office for 37 years. We are incredibly proud of him.


Holly said...

Aw.... Man that just stinks. All of it! I was pulling for Nick. Hope they're taking it all ok. Everyone feeling better??

Rachel said...

I feel for ya, Momma. Way to stick it out and come through with some sanity still intact!

How are YOU feeling?

Jeannie said...

We're doing good over here...could someone please just inform Jonathan he needs to sleep through the night again??