Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I miss my computer

I am here at my local library because my internet connection has issues. We put a huge protection package on there, and now it's like dial-up. Any helpful hints? We cleaned up our hard drive and all that good stuff, but it hasn't helped.

It's no fun playing on this computer with an angry toddler in the stroller beside me. I type as fast as possible and then hand him a fruit snack to quiet him. He wants DOWN. Now. Sorry, pal.

I have some really cool pictures from our time in Ohio a couple of weeks ago, so some night when I have about 3 hours to kill I'll post those.

Thanks for your patience!


Holly said...

I can't imagine taking Jaden and/or Asher to the library! Are you insane woman?? :) I hope you get your comp fixed.....SOON.

Jim and Jaena said...

Jim (my husband) works on computers "on the side" so I will ask him...not that it helps you NOW. Sorry.

Dan & Angie said...

Hey Jeannie ... just wondered if you saw my comment on your last post? If you guys are interested in seeing Lincoln tonight, we've still got tickets with your name on 'em!

Happy Friday!