Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Post for P-Dawg

Patrick and Ashley. Ashley and Patrick.

This was our Texas fam right here. Ashley and I connected at a woman's bible study at church. (She actually told me she wanted an OLDER woman friend to talk with/learn from...'SCUSE ME?!) Then, we met for lunch after church one day and our husbands realized they were long lost brothers. They were not scared off by our loud and fighting children. Hallelujah, we'd found some friends.
They came to visit us in Minnesota this past August and Patrick (P DAWG!) has been dying to be on my blog ever since. Just kidding, P Diddy. He and Aaron have big dreams of buying a mess of land in Wyoming someday where they can build a ranch, go fishing/hunting whenever they want, and live off the land. Ashley and I are okay with that, as long as they build a spa on the property somewhere....or a mall.

When they came to visit, we went out on the lake one day and they went tubing, even though is was cool and gray outside. The boys were ecstatic about seeing them again, and enjoyed playing swords and superheroes with Patrick. Even though they are soon moving to Pennsylvania, we are committed to staying in touch and seeing each other at least twice a year.
I would like to publicly thank Patrick for mowing our yard in the HEAT of Houston for 9+ months without complaint. Dude, that's friendship.


Holly said...

God bless good friends. I don't know Ashley and Patrick, but I'm SURE I'd like 'em! Can't wait to see ya'll at Homecoming!

Erin Haley said...

its so great to have good friends! i loved it when people came to visit us in Virginia. I'm so glad you guys can stay in touch and get together still!

Ashley M said...

Holla! From now on, I say, we ditch the words that formed the friendship and just talk about the fun friendship we have :)
Thanks for blogging in honor of my dear husband. I can't wait to get to that ranch, girl!
love ya!

Holly said...

I'm glad you made some good friends!! and of course, that you had some good times :)