Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Don't You Agree?

Random thoughts...

I'm really glad I took a typing class in high school. It comes in handy when you want to type a fast post on the old blog.

I miss having main floor laundry. I swear I got more done.

What DO they put in that McDonald's Coca-Cola to make it taste so good? Actually, I have a friend whose husband works for a corn syrup company who claims McDonald's puts in the most corn syrup of any fast food chain. Sweet nectar of the gods...

One of my new favorite things is cuddling with Gregory after he gets home from Kindergarten and smelling "school" in his hair...does this make sense to anyone??

I really like the 30s so far. A very content place to be.

I don't know if I can ever break the habit of cracking my neck.

Amazon.com is so much fun!! (I'm a book fiend...)

My favorite quote right now - The people who are the most irresistible are those who are most themselves. (Elizabeth Berg)

I am soooo ready for fall. The boys handed me leaves yesterday that were the color and texture of fine leather. Some leaves have already fallen, but most are still just barely turning light green/bright yellow. There's nothing like a deep breath of fall air.


Holly said...

OK, so I'm usually pretty argumentative and can find just about anything to disagree with (just ask my husband..), but this post just has me in stitches! I AGREEE!!!!!!! Wholeheartedly!!!! (With all but the neck thing and Amazon.com). Main floor laundry should be a requirement for every house, McDonald's Coke is a drug I'm SURE.... It was like reading my own little list! Hilarious!

Erin Haley said...

I am so excited for fall too...i love wearing a jacket and jeans everywhere, and you can smell leaves in the air. Later this month we are going to the apple orchard with the girls for hayrides and apple picking and pumpkins! :)

Shelly Buck said...

i can see why you were an English major in college. your quick little blurb was cracking me up!!! Are you sure you weren't writing that for weeks and perfecting it over and over? Can you hear my sarcasm????

Heidi said...

Welcome, fall! My mostest favorite season.

I havemain floor laundry in the kitchen. Love it. It's become a habit though, like I'm not complete if I don't do at least two loads every other day.

I, on the other hand, did not take typing. I've been at this comment for about five minutes now.

Dan & Angie said...

Great post Jeannie!

LOVE Fall (HATE Winter, however).

Thankful for typing.

No kids, but would probably agree.

Haven't been to McDonalds since December of '04 (when we started WW) but there's certainly something about fountain vs bottled!

Our laundry is upstairs next to our master suite, but all of our bedrooms are upstairs so we like it!

NOT the biggest fan of the 30s. We'll just leave it at that. :-)