Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Am Speed

Cable Internet...a beautiful thing. Just installed today.

Happy early Father's Day to my wonderful Papa. You are a great man and I love you. Here's a little message Hallmark just can't compare with:

Sorry for all the times I caused you stress (ages 1-19 approximately).
Thanks for taking me to Reds ballgames.
Sorry for making you cringe when you looked at my report cards.
Thanks for teaching me to ride a bike.
Sorry for crashing two cars in one week.
Thanks for not killing me that week.

Remember Kings Island and laughing at me on roller coasters? (I really thought I was going to die.)
Remember sitting by me in church and letting me snuggle into your arm?
Remember throwing me off a snowmobile? (Okay, that wasn't really your fault)
Remember meeting Aaron and knowing he would be my husband?
Remember holding your grandsons for the first time?

Thanks for telling me you are proud of me and for being a man I can be proud of, too.
Love you, Dad.


Angele said...

LOL about the cars and not getting killed. I should make a list like this for all my dads (natural, step, in-law)...thanks for the idea:)

Anonymous said...

can we print off that headline and put it on a bulletin board somewhere? "I am speed"...Hmm, we've known that for years girl. :)

Holly said...

I don't know ev... check the comment on my blog from Amanda. According to her we are all "freakishly talented choir freaks". That's a pretty catchy headline, no?