Thursday, June 01, 2006

Brothers and Sisters

When we were all together for Grandpa Jule's funeral, we were reminded how blessed we are to be not only family, but good friends. Aaron and his brothers are so different in personality, but their hearts are the same - pure gold.


Holly said...

Wow! Who took these pictures? They're really awesome. What a bunch of lookers!!

Erin Haley said...

had to tell you, i went to HCA grad. last night (my cousin, Karen Daam graduated). Anyway, i wrote a bit about it on my blog, so check it out!

Shelly Buck said...

Jeannie, I miss you!!!! Hope you and all the boys are doing well and loving your new home. Give my second favorite redhead (otherwise known as Gregory) a hug. Boy do I still miss that little guy!

Erin Haley said...

Pam married the ex vice pres. of kellogs's a couple months back, so needless to say, that's why she doesn't need to work anymore! They are living in her house while they remodel his...i was talking to her and she said it was just so great to have this all happen because she never expected to remarry and i told her that's what makes it the best is when you are content where you are and God gives you something like that...anyway, yeah, i guess erica and sean are doing good, i really don't talk to them very much, i don't think i'm in the "up and up" because i'm boring or something, you know, the "mother of Heritage" and all;) miss you lots!

Angele said...

Great pics!

Seems I'm following in your footsteps...big move comin' up for us...we've only been here a year and goin' back home already...good and bad, got some friends and a church home, nice little life going on. But I'm excited too:)