Saturday, May 13, 2006

He Was Robbed

Here is my unofficial American Idol ranting and raving: (Just my personal opinion, here. Proceed with caution.)

I am not happy. Chris was my American Idol. Here is why...

1) Stage Presence - No other contestant was more captivating to watch than Chris. Especially the last few weeks. He took some risks and blew me away with his versatility. I like how he works the entire stage and has confidence to spare. Powerful.

2) Personality - He seems most like the kind of guy you want to have in your corner: loyal, kind, but don't mess with him, ya know? And humble! I love the clip where Paula says, "Do you know how good you are?" And he responds, "Only when you tell me." Nice.

3) Voice - Some may disagree with me here, but I would prefer listening to Chris over any other contestant, especially on a ballad. Not that he was perfect; he admits he's had no formal training. But imagine that voice with a little polishing! Wow! I like how he can totally rock out, and then turn around and deliver a smooth love song that melts steel.

So for me, the competition is over. I have no opinion about who should win now. I do predict, however, that Chris' CD will outsell the American Idol, whoever that turns out to be. Rock on, Dawg!


Erin Haley said...

I really liked Chris too...I was shocked that he got voted off before Taylor or Elliot (in comparing guys to guys)...I would buy his cd before theirs...I would have to say I like Taylor and Katherine, but I wish Chris was in the finals, because I think he sang good everytime, unlike all the others, who did good some nights, bad on others...I'm cryin'with ya :)

Will said...

I am afraid your analysis is flawed in several key areas :)

The Silver Fox by far is the most captivating, confident, and unique person ever to grace the stage.

Just look at his entrance with the harmonica off the elevator to judges who were waiting to tell him if he was staying or not.

Holly said...

I know you expected me to comment... I'm starting to feel like the only soul in the US of A who wasn't in love with Chris. I've decided I have a vibrato/tone fettish. He had that alternative rasp and kind of funky vibrato that everyone EXCEPT me likes... All that to say... I LOVE Katherine. Her voice really effects me, not that I think she'll actually win 'cuz it seems I'm the only one who actually likes her!!! Oh well....

fetzer said...

The only reason I liked Chris was because he's bald and that's pretty cool. I am happy that Kat has made it to the final two. Now if she would just start responding to my emails.

Jim and Jaena said...

I totally agree with you, and you exressed my thoughts so clearly in your three point summary. :-)

Jaena Womack - formerly Showalter, I went to IWU with you (same time, I think)..."found" your blog through Holly's links

jen said...

nice take on things.
and while i liked Chris and picked him i only picked him because i was nearly certain that america would not be nearly as fascinated as they were with the silver fox. I don't think there was anyone in the competition more in love with music than taylor. and he plays the harmonica. thats just cool.

I am thrilled however that the McFever has broken. I was never her biggest fan and she had been bombing those last couple of weeks. I was very disappointed in her. she can do better than that. but she didn't.

don't worry. Chris will be fine. and i'll probably buy his CD.