Thursday, March 30, 2006

Frying in Florida

Today is Thursday, but it feels more like FRYday. We rented a pontoon boat for the day and man, we are toast.

Funny story from today - Gregory (it's always him, isn't it?) was climbing some sand dunes and Poppy had told him to stay where he could be seen...but, of course, lost track of him and found him down on the other side, be-boppin' around. Poppy scolded him for wandering and Greg answered, "I'm sorry, Poppy, I guess I got a little careless." Then he paused and asked, "What does careless mean?"

We were visited by 4 dolphins swimming beside our boat today - that was a beautiful surprise.

Aaron and I were able to go on a much-needed date this week. We had dinner, then saw King Kong. Or rather, endured King Kong. That is one long dog of a movie. Peter Jackson, what can I say? He just can't make a movie shorter than 3 hours.

Speaking of entertainment, anyone catch LOST this week? I kept flipping between IDOL and LOST, just enough to make sure Lisa got kicked off. I thought it was interesting when Katherine said, "I just want God's plan..." but you can see her face is like, "THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!" That show is getting on my nerves. Holly G., I agree with you - why in the wide world of sports is Bucky still sitting up there?? And hey, good old ALIAS comes back in 3 weeks! Can I please close the chapter on that show now?!

Forgive me for my lack of pictures tonight -- it's a slow connection this evening and I don't have the patience. We are packing up the computer tomorrow, so you won't hear from me until after we have arrived in Minnesota. Please pray for the next two days of driving!! (And my mental health...)


Erin Haley said...

i was on the edge of my seat with idol! i'm pretty much sure i want katherine to win and couldn't believe she was up there, and oh, about time alias came back on, geesh, you'd think jennifer garner had a baby or something with how much time she's taken off...

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the memories of sand dunes and pontoons, don't worry, you'll survive the drive-always do... and wasn't it yesterday that you started packing? Now vacation is over...back to reality it will be over before you know it! and another move, I hope it goes smoothly and I am off to grocery shop for you...did you say coke zero-right on!!!

Holly said...

Hope your mental health has survived the trip intact. I saw the first commercial for Alias and actually got goosebumps. I know, i'm pathetic.

Jess said...

Hey Guys!
Love the pics of Jonathan enjoying the beach for the first time. He was probably like "What in the world is all this white stuff?" Love the hat too! I miss FL personally, I think I'd vacation there every year! :) I'm a little bias though. I'm so glad you all had fun and got some sun! Now you can start you're new lives in MN with a good tan! :) Monty and I send our love! Tell the boys HEY!
Love you all!
Monty and Jess

Holly said...

OK- I left a comment yesterday, but it must not have worked. Just though you should know I saw the first commercial for ALIAS, and no joke, I got goosebumps. Can't wait! Hope you're getting settled. BTW- ev, I know who you are and wish you would start a blog!!!!!!! Love you bunches..