Sunday, February 12, 2006

Where He Leads...

This is Lighthouse Community Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan. (Former name - Kalamazoo Wesleyan Church) I have never personally seen or entered this building, but Aaron took this picture when he was on a quick business trip last year to Michigan. We attended this church when we lived in Michigan, and then God moved us here to Texas a few months after the groundbreaking of this building.

Tonight I listened as our current pastor (Crossbridge) shared some really exciting challenges and visions for our church during the Partner's Celebration. I felt a grieving, a deep sadness that we wouldn't personally see some of these visions come to fruition. I love being a part of this body of believers -- I can't describe how much I hate the thought of leaving Crossbridge.

For some reason, God has decided to move our family right before we get to see God do something big, or before a vision comes into focus. Just when the crescendo is building to a climax, God tells us to go somewhere else. It breaks my heart, and yet I must say "YES" to whatever He has next for us. His timing is perfect, even when I think it's way off!


Angele said...

Yeah, I felt like that when we moved here...our home church is doing a church plant a few towns over and I felt we would be part of that...but now we're here. This new church of ours has purchased new land for a new building and I'll betcha ten bucks we won't be here long enough to see that:(

Please keep us all posted on the doors God opens (and closes) for you guys on the next leg of your journey--I love to hear what God is doing in someone's life.

Erin Haley said...

Jeannie...ahh yes, now a part of your blogging community...i just had to say hi, its been forever, and i pray that this move will draw you closer as a family and to God as you continue to trust His you!