Wednesday, January 11, 2006

When You Grow Up...

Today they are little boys. The world is new and everyday is an adventure. But one day, Lord willing, they will be men. I pray they are the kind of men who... Jesus and know who they are in Him.
...have a passion for life and doing what God has created them to do. their Mom once a week. their brothers and consider them their best friends.
...know when to speak and when to be silent.
...know how to do their own laundry.
...aren't embarrassed to cry.
...have no fear of evil, since they know they belong to Christ.
...children love to be around
...have a hearty, loud laugh
...sing with enthusiasm - even when they're way off.
It's helpful for me to remember I won't be surrounded by tiny demands forever. One day I'll be surrounded by men taller than I am - that's when it will be my job to keep them humble.


mordy said...

too cute, mrs. reid. :)

mordy said...

dude, doug's wife is gorgeous. sweet blog about it. you're a good big sister.

Holly said...

You truly ARE a blessed mama. What little sweeties. Glad you got the hang of the picture thing, love seeing them grow up..

Angele said...

Yup, gotta agree with Mordy, Kelli's a hottie:) So glad you've joined the picture blogging club--fun isn't it?

Super sweet kids who are gonna make their wives love you for all your hard work! Maybe I should introduce my little Olivia to your oldest:)