Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Adventure Continues

Most of you know this story because I sent it out in a Reid Report, but I thought I'd put the "official story" of our impending move on my blog with some updates at the end. The original Reid Report is italicized.

It has taken me awhile to figure out how to put this, so I'll just spit it out....we're moving. Again. I know, I know, didn't we just do this? Let me start at the beginning.

Ever since Gregory was born, Aaron has had a huge desire to move back up north where he grew up. (Superior, Wisconsin) We have prayed for almost 5 years for the Lord to grant this heart's desire if it was what He wanted for us. Doors have closed -- slammed closed -- for all that time. And when we moved to Houston, we didn't know if this dream would ever come true because we knew He wanted us to move here. We just didn't know how long He wanted us to stay.

Back in September, Aaron's brother Chris talked to him about a position he thought Aaron would be good for with his company, Superior Steel in Spicer, Minnesota. He offered Aaron the job, which began a huge time of prayer and searching for us. We did not want to uproot again so quickly unless this was really God's will. It wasn't until weeks later when the Lord finally gave us this peace we could not explain about moving and Aaron leaving Coca-Cola. Aaron was driving into work one morning when he felt God speak directly to his heart. It was the confirmation we needed.

One interesting note here is that the job at Superior Steel is very similar to the work Aaron has done in Houston - Supply Chain Manager for North America (he'd be working with steel suppliers instead of Coca-Cola/Minute Maid suppliers). God always prepares you for the next step!

So, our house has been on the market (please pray about that) and Aaron is hoping to start in Minnesota late March/early April -- that part is not finalized yet. We are excited about living so much closer to Chris and Syna and their children, plus being only a few hours from Greg and Jocelyn, Aaron's parents.

But we are also heartbroken about having to leave the church family here at Crossbridge. We have made friendships that will last forever. We have learned so much and our faith has grown in tremendous ways. Houston friends, we love you HUGELY. How can we thank you for your friendship, support, prayers, and fellowship over this past year?

So we plan on just enjoying our time here as much as possible. It's been an awesome experience that we will never forget.

-- So, since that email a few weeks ago, we have had lots of showings...but no offers. Those of you with young children know the challenge of keeping your house "show ready" at a moment's notice - it can be rather hectic. But we feel optimistic and know God will bring the right buyers at His perfect timing. We'll keep you posted!


Tony Myles said...

Nothing like having to have the vaccuum on standby, eh?

Angele said...

When we put our house on the market to move up here, we started showing it a weekend we were planning to be away. Thanks to God, we got a couple offers out of that weekend and never had to be ready at a moment's notice after that...what a relief...I understand your dilemma!

Holly said...

I'll just PRAY you don't have our situation........thanks for the updates! Love you much...