Wednesday, December 07, 2005

First Church of the Moon

I wish I had written this! This is one of my favorite songs off the new Sara Groves CD - Add to the Beauty. It’s funny, but convicting as well.

To The Moon

It was there in the bulletin – We’re leaving soon
After the bake sale to raise funds for fuel
The rocket is ready and we’re going to take our church to the moon

There’ll be no one there to tell us we’re odd
No one to change our opinions of God
Just lots of rocks and this dusty sod
Here in our church on the moon

We know our liberties – We know our rights
We know how to fight a very good fight
Just grab that last bag there and turn out the light
We’re taking our church to the moon

We’ll be leaving soon


Erin Uminn said...

Hey Jeannie!

I love being updated on your blog site, its nice to hear how you and the family are doing! The "being busy mom" thing is a frightning part of my life now too. Frightning because it seems weird that I am a mom of two daughters now. And the terrible two's are starting to hit with Elise.
Thanks for the post-just a reminder for me that I don't have to be as busy and hectic as I choose to be-I need to slow down sometimes and just enjoy my children-that's why I wanted them you know?
Take care!
Ern Haley:)

Kelli said...

Wow Jeannie, what a wonderful update! Seriously, you should write a book about your many intriguing stories. I enjoy reading it because it makes me feel just a little closer to you guys when we're really about 24 hours away.
I loved what you said concerning our wedding. It was so sweet and I'm glad that we've been able to get closer as time goes by. Now we're real family! Thanks for being a great sister and making me an aunt to three precious boys! God bless you all.