Thursday, July 21, 2005

My Three Sons

As of July 1st, 4PM, I became the mother of three sons. Jonathan Michael Reid came into the world three weeks ago, weighing 7 lbs, 7 ounces. His delivery happened so quickly, I barely had time to take it all in. I was induced around lunchtime, had an epidural at 3:30, then he was born at 4PM.

Giving birth is really an amazing experience. A small body is placed in your arms and you are immediately in love. Everything else fades around you except this new person who is trying to focus on your face, eager for love and warmth. It's so like God's love -- the way He loves and gives Himself for us as "babies" in Him.

Jonathan has dark hair, dark eyes. We can't really tell what color they are going to turn at this point. His features remind us a bit of Gregory as a baby. I get a kick out of his hair because it's barely there at the tops and sides, but thick and shaggy in the back. He eats and sleeps great, and seems soothed by the rowdy noises of his brothers. I suppose he got used to it from the womb!

The older brothers have done awesome, praise the Lord! Daniel especially loves holding him and kissing him. Greg doesn't have much patience for sitting and holding, but likes to tell me that Jonathan is his favorite brother and says, "I love this little rascal!"

I am feeling...many things. Tired, blessed, frustrated,'s a lot of emotions wrapped up at this point. Simple tasks become not so simple. For example, while typing this, I have to keep replacing a pacifier in Jonathan's mouth as he swings here beside me, help Gregory finish a puzzle, put in a video for Daniel, then soothe Gregory when he gets so frustrated at not being able to do the next puzzle. And now both older boys are clamoring for a snack. I think I must bring this post to an end.


mordy said...

smile. i've been waiting to see what you'd write. i am satisfied.
congrats. we'll call soon.
love you lots.

jonw777 said...

Congrats! Welcome to the 3 Sons can sleep again in a few years. Jonathan is a great name! ;)

Beth W. said...

The fun has only just begun, my friend! You'll do great...and one day your sons will "rise up and call you blessed" (Prov. 31). Love you, miss you, talk to you soon!